Friday, March 21, 2014

Banlist reaction

Sorry for the lack of post, but this is my final year, so I just can't afford to write on the blog once a week like before

And, to be honest, I wasn't active in this game for the last format. The whole 4 months I was just toying around with Dragons (Dragunity with Tefnuit + Primus Pilus, Hieratic, Blue-Eyes Drain Ruler with Silver's Cry etc...). No competitive play for me

Now that we have our new ban list confirmed, I'm not sure whether I should get back to this game seriously again, or just remain inactive waiting for something new (pendulum summon anyone?)

The reason is... Basically nothing has changed

For Mermail: Seriously, why hit Gunde? We still have 3 Sphere, 3 Linde, 3 Spike and 3 Teus. And then there's Turge, and even Salvage. So that's 7 cards in the deck which means "you have Gunde", and another six cards that recycle Gunde, and ANOTHER six cards that search for all the above cards. Even though I've been in love with Mermail for so long, I actually wished that Sphere or Teus be hit. Now what?

For Fire Fist: Yeah, for the CardcarD Fire Fist deck that gets popular recently, hitting Wolfbark is quite a pain. But then there's still the mixed Fire Fist, and it isn't hard at all to fit 2 Call of the Haunted in space of the 2 Wolfbarks

Did I mention that I play 3 Call of the Haunted in every deck I play? That card, along with Mind Crush, was so good last format

For Infernity, yeah, seriously, if you think hitting Barriers hurt the deck, you probably never played against the deck. Instead of facing 1 Break 3 Barriers, 3 Breaks and 1 Barriers sound different? No, not at all, except for Mermail maybe. Also, Infernity has a lot more tricks: Beetle + Zone lockdown is annoying enough, not to mention Vanity's Emptiness. And the Beetle version is going to get Beezle soon (that Dragon that cannot be destroyed by any means)

Lastly, I think only Fire King and Laval died because of the list

Aaaand yeah, about the Jars. Serious... I don't even know why. Killing Empty Jar? Hitting Dark World? Or what?

Also, we all want Stratos back, and Geargiagear hit somehow

To conclude, nothing has changed, so don't expect much from my blog, at least until June. Sorry guys :<

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