Monday, July 8, 2013

Tempest Dragunity (broken) combos

Assume you have Phalanx in graveyard, Dux and Mystletainn/Garuda the Wind Spirit in hand, another random WIND monster in hand, there're gazillion stuffs you can do

Basically, make Gae Dearg and 1 other level 6 Dragon

Atum + REDMD + Shock Master: This is the combo I pulled out the most during tournaments. Shock Master is the best option against Dragons and Prophecy. Of course it gets Veiler'd at times, but I don't mind it lol. Combo decks die to Veiler and "C"s, so YOLO

Combo: Summon Dux, get Phalanx, now either tribute Dux for Mystletainn to bring back Phalanx, or tune for Vajrayana bringing back Phalanx then banish Dux for Garuda, finally make Gae Dearg

Gae Dearg searches and discards Zephyros. Make Atum with Gae Dearg and Mystletainn/Vajrayana, get REDMD, get back Gae Dearg (detached from Atum), search Garuda and discard the random WIND monster (field Atum + REDMD + Gae Dearg)

Zephyros bounce REDMD, REDMD banishes Atum, gets back the discarded xyz material (Mystletainn or Vajrayana), make another Atum with Gae Dearg, calling out Debris Dragon or whatever level 4 Dragon you have. Banish someting for your in-hand Garuda, then Debris + Zephyros + Garuda = Shock. This wins me a lot of games, trust me (one of them due to my opponent decked out)

REDMD + Queen Dragun Djinn + Strike Bounzer/any rank 6 + Stardust/whatever level 8. Devastating combo against Evilswarm or any other non-meta decks which don't really die to Shock Master

Combo: Do the same thing until you bring out REDMD and get back Gea Dearg, now search and discard Mist Valley Baby Roc, summon it back to the field. Bounce REDMD for Zephyros, tune Baby Roc and Gae Dearg for Stardust, then banish Atum for REDMD, get back Gae Dearg, search Garuda and discard the random WIND (field REDMD + Zephyros + Stardust + Gae Dearg)

You should get the point now. Summon Garuda, make Queen Dragun Djinn with Zephyros, calling back a dragon, xyz with Gae Dearg for whatever rank 6 you have (M7, Gauntlet Shooter or Exa-Beetle)

Alternative: If you don't have the extra WIND to discard when you searh Garuda, then just don't search it. First Atum calling out REDMD, get back Gae Dearg, get Baby Roc. Zephyros bounces REDMD, banish Atum for REDMD, get back the other material (field REDMD + Zephyros + Baby Roc + Gae Dearg + level 6 dragon)

Make another Atum, calling out Debris Dragon, make Queen Dragun Djinn with Zephyros, calling back whatever you detached with Atum, tune with Baby Roc for a level 8! (field REDMD + Atum + Queen Dragun Djinn + level 8 synchro), still solid, especially if you have any kind of protection (traps or Veilers/"C"s), next turn you have Atum ready, REDMD ready, Dragon Ravine ready for whatever your opponent throws at you

REDMD + Queen Dragun Djinn + double Gaia including Exa Beetle: Clear Dracossack and pierce through 2 tokens!

Combo: Do the same start, having Atum, REDMD, Gae Dearg on field with Zephyros in grave. Gae Dearg search Garuda discarding the random WIND (again). Bounce REDMD with Zephyros, banish Atum for REDMD, summon Garuda, make Queen Dragun Djinn with Zephyros, summon back the other material, xyz for another Atum, detach Gae Dearg to summon Mystletainn (field REDMD not using effect, Queen Dragun, Atum, Mystletainn)

Now use REDMD effect, get back Gae Dearg, send Dragunity Aklys to graveyard. Xyz Gae Dearg and Mystletainn for Exa Beetle, equip Aklys, pop 2! (Aklys even sends stuffs to graveyard, not destroying anything, so Dracossack or Zenmaines or Gachi Gachi is not a problem). Upgrade Exa Beetle and Atum for double Gaias, then REDMD + Queen + 2 Gaias attack~

Alternative: If you don't have an extra WIND to discard for Gae Dearg to search Garuda, there's still a way for it:

Same start until you make the first Atum. Call REDMD, get back Phalanx. Bounce REDMD for Zephyros, tune with Phalanx for Vajrayana, get back Phalanx once more, then banish Phalanx for REDMD, get back Gae Dearg

Now Gae Dearg send Aklys, then xyz with Vajrayana for Exa Beetle (field REDMD + Exa Beetle + Atum)




And many more stuffs! If you play Leyvaten, you can always call out Leyvaten with Atum, get back Phalanx, tune for Trident Dragion for sweetness

Or make Thought Ruler Archfiend and set EEV

You can even Debris back your Phalanx, tribute for Mystletainn getting back Phalanx and tune for Trident Dragion tributing the Phalanx yet again

And stuffs I never think of but you will!

So, if you want to have fun at NAWCQ, or locals, or just casual plays, try the deck out xD

This is not my competitive deck so I don't mind sharing all the combos of it :3

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